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How to compare hotel room prices?

Compare hotel room prices start with a bit of detective work, mega bargains are available from sites selling ‘secret hotel’ rooms. Here, you’re just told a star level and rough location – only once you’ve paid do you find out the hotel’s name. This means rock-bottom prices, as hotels needn’t worry about losing trade from those who go to them directly.

You can never be 100% sure which hotel you’ll be staying at before you book, so these sites aren’t for those desperate to stay at a particular place. But there are usually sneaky ways to discover the hotels’ identities to see if it’s worth it.

Also, watch out for rooms ‘on request’

If a site says it has rooms ‘on request’, this means it has only asked for rooms from the hotel – there may actually not be a room available. Be careful not to go for one of these and lose a firm cheap deal elsewhere.

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